CrowdPass is a growing event management service that that leverages a unique offering of the owning company – RFID-powered wearable devices.

So far, we have created designs for a basic product offering – attendee registration and management.

Services provided

Brand Identity

Platform ux/ui design


Seamless Attendee registration process

Flexible interface allows event organizer creating a custom looking registration process for all kind of events.


Event management dashboard

With flexibility and versatility comes complexity. It’s always a challedge to make a user interface coherent and, at the same time, jam-packed with data and features.

screen screen screen

The concept
of a white-label software

The future vision of CrowdPass implies providing the whole platform as an engine for event organizers where they can even run a mobile application for their fans with a custom brand look.

image_concept_1 image_concept_2