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We help businesses build software and websites with a billion-dollar look and feel for a fraction of the cost.

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Our value proposition

We deliver world-class software and websites on time, within budget, and at an unbeatable price.

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Dark Horse Solutions
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Brand identity
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Software & website design
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Software & website development
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Digital marketing
We build your tech for a fraction of the price

Dark Horse uses a combination of a lower profit margin with overseas designers and developers to deliver products to you for 1/10th the cost of building yourself or hiring a dev shop.

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We work together, in the office

Our office-based approach facilitates constant communication, enables us to identify and solve problems quickly, and ensures accountability at every stage of the project. We do not believe work-from-home culture works when it comes to building software.

Work together
Design & Development
Our designers and developers are totally in sync

Many software development shops only do development, not design. At Dark Horse, our designers and developers are totally in sync, communicating daily. This results in far less miscommunication, faster builds, and much higher quality products.

We provide Software development-as-a-service

Hiring and managing your design and development team can often cost millions of dollars annually. However, by working with Dark Horse, you can build your initial product and scale your technology as you go, for a fraction of the cost.

What our clients are saying?
“In the world of graphic design and software development, I know how challenging it can be to find people that are reliable and deliver. Dark Horse has established a super professional team that designs products that look as if they’re for billion-dollar companies, at a very reasonable cost.”
“We’ve spent hundreds of hours working together, discussing ideas and building projects. You guys have always been one of the main reasons behind our success. I strongly and fully recommend the Dark Horse team.”
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