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Brand identity

We create a captivating digital identity that reflects your brand values and engages your audience. We’ll help you build a strong and memorable brand in the digital world.

  • Logo design
  • Colors & Typography
  • Brand visual language
Product design

From wireframing to prototyping, our design service optimizes usability and leaves a lasting impression. Enhance your digital products with our expert touch.

  • UX research & testing
  • Prototyping
  • Website design
  • User interface design
Software development

Our expert developers build tailored solutions with cutting-edge technology. From web and mobile apps to custom software, we deliver quality results for your digital needs.

  • Web & Mobile applications
  • MVP development
  • Enterprise-level software
  • Website development
Digital marketing

Maximize your online presence with our results-driven strategies. From SEO to social media, we boost visibility and drive targeted traffic.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Online advertisement
  • SEO
  • Social-media marketing

What is the general process?

In our discovery process, we work closely with stakeholders to deeply understand their industry-specific challenges. By delving into each project's nuances, we gain a thorough understanding of its complexities. This enables us to foresee and overcome potential obstacles, delivering solutions that are both customized and resilient against industry-specific issues.

We carefully design the software's architecture, prioritize features, and set a clear timeline, emphasizing cost transparency. This aligns every decision with the project's goals and budget, keeping you well-informed about the financial aspects for confident decision-making.

Our design process is iterative, transitioning from the research phase and preliminary wireframes to vibrant, interactive prototypes. As a result, your users receive a captivating interface, seamlessly merging aesthetics with intuitiveness and user-focused functionality.

While we lean on agile methodologies, we tailor our approach for each project. We cherry-pick the best practices to ensure your project shines. Our development process encompasses feature development, rigorous quality assurance, and user testing.

Our commitment doesn’t end at launch. Dark Horse consistently offers post-release support, addressing any technicalities and updating features. This continuous involvement guarantees that the platform remains current, efficient, and performs at peak levels.

Proficient in a variety of sectors


Having developed a top-of-the-line hotel management software, we possess a crystal-clear understanding of the hospitality sector's unique needs. Our expertise is reflected in our ability to create intuitive systems that not only streamline hotel operations but also significantly enhance guest satisfaction.

Financial reporting

Our software solutions in the financial sector stand out for their robust reporting and precise accounting capabilities. Designed to simplify complex financial tasks, they ensure unparalleled transparency and compliance at every turn.

Event management

From ticketing systems to real-time event coordination tools, we deliver solutions that streamline processes and enhance event experiences for both organizers and attendees.


We excel at crafting exceptional, analytical systems tailored to benefit all parties involved: customers, coaches, and company operations, ensuring seamless interaction and optimal results.

What our clients say about us
“Working with Dark Horse was like they were invested in the company with me. They had the mentality that if I was successful, they would be successful. And they delivered a product that significantly exceeded my expectations with world-class execution.”
“Dark Horse not only built us a beautiful digital presence and brand, but has also served as a trusted advisor and consultant. They have been with us since the beginning to help us think through our business and strategies. They've certainly served as an extension of our management team.”
“Dark Horse has helped build Maitre into the most intuitive, sleek, and robust hotel management software on the market.”
“In the world of graphic design and software development, I know how challenging it can be to find people that are reliable and deliver. Dark Horse has established a super professional team that designs products that look as if they’re for billion dollar companies, at a very reasonable cost.”
“We’ve spent hundreds of hours working together, discussing ideas and building projects. You guys have always been one of the main reasons behind our success. I strongly and fully recommend the Dark Horse team.”
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